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The Hog Wild sits in the waters of Panama, with Sullivan inside.

The Hog Wild was Victor Sullivan's private Grumman G-21 Goose seaplane, featured in the storyline of Drake's Fortune and the multiplayer of Among Thieves. It is a large seaplane with a primarily white and red paint job. Accompanying its logo is a posing woman in a red dress.

Drake's Fortune[]

The Hog Wild originally appeared in "Ambushed", where Sully scared off Eddy Raja's pirates and rescued Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher. He then flew them both back to shore.

The plane's engine catches fire.

At the end of "A Surprising Find", Nate and Elena used the plane to fly to the hidden island. As they got near it, they were ambushed by an anti-aircraft fire, which caused the right-wing rotor engine to fail and catch fire. After Elena found two parachutes, she jumped out of the plane, followed shortly after by Nate once he realized he would no longer be able to keep the plane in control or land it safely.

Nate discovers part of the wrecked plane on the hidden island.

In "Plane-wrecked", Nate journeyed alone through the jungle in search of the plane's crash site, hoping he would be able to find Elena and also the island map he forgot to take with him. Upon arrival at the wreckage, he encountered a large group of pirates who had already occupied the area. After their defeat, he climbed up into the front half of the plane's fuselage, which has crashed into a tree's canopy. Using a rope that hung from the plane, Nate climbed his way inside to retrieve the map. Though he was not able to find Elena here, from his vantage point, he noticed her parachute in the nearby fortress.

Later on in "Sanctuary?", Nate and Elena found a sprung spike trap that impaled one of Eddy's men. Attached to it were small parts of the plane. The two deduced that it could not have been the handy work of the Spanish nor Eddy's pirates, leaving them to wonder who was really responsible for it.

Among Thieves multiplayer[]

The Hog Wild crashes during a deathmatch in The Fort.

The Hog Wild also appears in a short non-interactive effect in the multiplayer of Among Thieves, in the map The Fort from the Drake's Fortune Multiplayer Pack. The plane is shown crashing into the fortress, hitting a tower on the way down. This has no actual effect on the gameplay, nor does it serve as an environmental hazard.

Drake's Deception / A Thief's End[]

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In Drake's Deception, at the end of the game, Sully shows Nate and Elena his new plane. In A Thief's End, it serves as a means of transportation for Sam, Nate, and Sully when they travel to Scotland and Madagascar. Sully and Elena also use the plane to get to and from the island where Libertalia was located.

Behind the scenes[]

The Hog Wild is a reference to the Hog Wild level in the Crash Bandicoot video game, which was also created by Naughty Dog.

The Hog Wild is a Grumman G-21 Goose, an amphibious civilian aircraft originally designed for businessmen's commutes from Long Island to Manhattan in the 1930s.