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Ian Welch is a character that appears in the novel Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth. He is an excavation site manager for Luka Hzujak and is the brother of Gretchen Welch.

Events in The Fourth Labyrinth[]

Ian Welch's sister, Gretchen, arranges a meeting for Nathan Drake, Victor Sullivan, and Jada Hzujak in Egypt. They meet at a restaurant and discuss the legends of the labyrinths that Luka was researching before his death. Ian allows Nate, Sully, and Jada to explore the Labyrinth of Sobek the next day. Phoenix Industries CEO Tyr Henriksen is also visiting the excavation site along with Olivia Hzujak.

Ian leads the trio to the heart of the labyrinth and in the altar room Nate accidentally discovers a secret passageway leading down to a dark chamber. Inside the chamber they discover the location of the third labyrinth to be in Santorini, but suddenly the Protectors of the Hidden Word attack the group and drag Ian away into the darkness. Nate, Sully, and Jada flee, unable to rescue him.

Later on, Ian is found to be alive and brainwashed by the Protectors along with Sully in the fourth labyrinth in China. Nate realizes it's him under the dark hood but Tyr Henriksen fatally shoots him dead before he could attack them. Template:Navbox character tfl