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The Ice Temple is a location that appears in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.


Close to Tenzin's Tibetan Village was a series of ice caves. Within the caves lay a massive subterranean temple with many mysterious secrets. Karl Schäfer and his men had entered the temple to retrieve information on the Cintamani Stone and Shambhala. Schäfer ended up killing his men, who were Nazis, to prevent them from becoming like the Shambhala Guardians.

70 years later, Nathan Drake and Tenzin entered the caves to find out the truth about Schäfer's expedition. They encountered the suited guardians while within the caves. They then stumbled upon the temple within. There were massive prayer wheels that hung on either side of the temple, operated by a massive series of gears, pulleys and chains. The center piece of the temple was a massive statue of a peaceful and serene deity. As Nate and Tenzin explored the temple, they ended up creating a bridge that led up to the statue. Lowering the bridge also turned the statue around, making the peaceful and benevolent face become a hideous snarling demonic one. Inside the heart of the temple lay Schäfer's dead expedition party. It was here that Nate confirmed why Schäfer had shot his men and learned of their intentions. They had in fact been members of the SS and Ahnenerbe. Nate and Tenzin are subsequently attacked by the guardians, and barely escape by using an ancient lift that was located in the center of the temple. They then emerge back into the frosty mountain environment to discover that Tenzin's village is under attack by Lazarevic and his mercenaries.

The temple was made into an Uncharted 2 Multiplayer map called The Ice Cave.