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Museum Uncharted 2

Screenshot of the Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Map, the Museum.

The Istanbul Palace Museum is a large historical museum located along the Bosporus river, in Istanbul, Turkey.


The museum holds a wide variety of historical artifacts and antiquities and is frequently broken into by thieves and rogue fortune hunters. Ever since a particular intense break-in, the museum staff increased the security patrols and installed alarms throughout the various gates to help aid in capturing would-be burglars.

At some point, the Museum began holding a "Travels of Marco Polo" exhibit. The exhibition held an immense collection of various treasures from Marco Polo's journeys in the Far East. One artifact of particular importance was a green-colored oil lamp covered in Mongolian script. The lamp held a secret message inside, a piece of viable information that describes the location of the Lost Fleet. The lamp and some other important artifacts were held in a large tower, part of the center museum complex and heavily guarded by security.

Events in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Edit

Zoran Lazarevic hired Harry Flynn to get some fellow thieves to help him break into the museum and retrieve the lamp. Flynn found Chloe Frazer and then headed to Florida to get his old buddy Nathan Drake in on the heist as well. After a few weeks of careful planning, the trio infiltrated the museum through the sewers. Chloe managed to kill the floodlights in the main tower, which allowed Drake and Flynn to access its interior and get the lamp. Within the lamp, besides a paper message, were a few shards of blue resin. Drake lit it on fire and discovered the message on the paper. It was a map showing the location of where Marco Polo's ships ran aground. They appeared to have been hit by a large tsunami on the west coast of the Indonesian island of Borneo. Flynn then takes the map and double-crosses Drake, shooting the display cases and causing the alarms to go off. Flynn then runs off, leaving Drake with a serious mess on his hands. Drake manages to escape back into the sewers but is caught by police forces after emerging from a manhole. He is taken to a Turkish jail and is imprisoned in dismal and dingy conditions for three months until Sully and Chloe pay large amounts of money to bail him out.


The museum was later adapted into a multiplayer map called The Museum, which comes with the Siege Expansion Pack. In Uncharted 3, the map appears as Museum.