The Jackal is a gun featured in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End .


Singleplayer Edit

The Gun is only seen once in singleplayer, and cannot be used . It is only seen in Chapter 16 in the hands of Evelyn.

Multiplayer Edit

The Jackal has a high damage slow rate of fire moderate recoil and adequate accuracy. It is best used at close to mid-range.

Modifications Edit

  • Starting Ammo
  • Reload Speed
  • Silencer
  • Blindfire Accuracy
  • Clip Capacity
  • Recoil

Tips Edit

  • The Jackal is great weapon to have if you can flank the enemy, as it high damage can finish off the enemy before they know what is happening.
    • Also the gun is can handle itself quite well in mid-range firefight. Most secondary weapons can't.
  • The main downside to this weapon is it slow rate of fire , as enemies can move into cover before you kill them.
    • Another downside is that the Jackal is terrible at blindfiring, because of it magazine size and rate of fire.
  • The Jackal is a viable replacement to the Para .45 if you want a secondary gun with higher damage.
    • It could also be a replacement to the Pistole and even the Spezzotti 12 Gauge if you want a weapon with similar damage yet higher magazine capacity.
  • The Barok .44 is a complete upgrade over the Jackal.
    • However the Barok .44 is a heavy weapon so it's not as easy to get/use the weapon.


The Jackal resembles a snub nosed Smith & Wesson Model 586.

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