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Jason Dante's mercenaries
Dante's mercenary
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Jason Dante

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Uncharted: Golden Abyss

Jason Dante's mercenaries is one of the two hostile faction featured throughout Uncharted: Golden Abyss.


Jason Dante started to think about hiring more mercenaries at the end of "Proving Your Worth" while talking to Nathan Drake. Jason Dante's Mercenaries started to first show up in Chapter 2:"No Prison Tats" when Nathan Drake and Marisa Chase spotted one of them. Jason Dante's Mercenaries last showed up in "Getting My Hands Dirty" while Quivira falls apart. They wield a wide range of weapons as can be seen below.


Weapons-M4 M4: An elite assault rifle in the Uncharted series.
Weapons-Dragon Sniper Dragon Sniper: A standard sniper rifle that appears in the Uncharted series.
Weapons-92FS-9mm 92FS-9mm: An elite standard pistol found in the Uncharted series.
Weapons-SAS-12 SAS-12: An elite shotgun found in the Uncharted series.
Weapons-RPG-7 RPG-7: A powerful anti-tank grenade launcher found in the Uncharted series.
Weapons-Moss-12 Moss-12: A standard shotgun in the Uncharted series.
Weapons-Desert-5 Desert-5: An elite and very powerful pistol found in the Uncharted series.
Weapons-FAL FAL: A scoped battle rifle that appears in Among Thieves.