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Jeff Wynia[1] is a character in Among Thieves, with an appearance in Drake's Deception as a multiplayer skin. He was a cameraman who worked with journalist Elena Fisher, assisting her in trailing Zoran Lazarević.

In both of his appearances, Jeff is voiced and mo-capped by Gregory Myhre.



Jeff Wynia's ID.

Little is known about Jeff Wynia. After Elena's show received a much bigger budget, Jeff joined her, operating as her cameraman. At some point prior to the events of Uncharted 2, Elena had decided to track down the presumed deceased war criminal Zoran Lazarević, with Jeff acting as her partner and cameraman.

Among Thieves[]

Elena and Jeff followed Lazarevic's trail to a Nepalese city, at the center of a civil war in the area. Despite NATO thinking the war criminal to be deceased, Elena and Jeff attempted to prove otherwise.

Jeff and Elena ran into Nathan Drake, a treasure hunter and a friend of Elena's, and Chloe Frazer, Drake's associate. Thinking Drake to be an enemy, Jeff tackled him to the ground, relenting after finding out Elena knows him. Elena explained to Drake and Chloe what they were doing in the city as Jeff checked his camera. Nate suggested that Jeff and Elena join him and Chloe. Elena initially refused, before they notice an attack helicopter. The group ran into a few of Lazarević's soldiers. As he was not armed, Jeff was cautioned to stay away from the shootout.

After passing an aqueduct and another gunfight, the group made it into a temple — the reason behind both Nate's and Lazarević's arrival. Nate and Chloe entered the temple's main room while Jeff and Elena waited for them.

Soon after Nate and Chloe ventured into the temple, Jeff and Elena were attacked by a large number of soldiers. During a shootout between Elena and the soldiers, Jeff was wounded via a bullet to his stomach, leading to him and Elena taking cover behind a broken wall.

A wounded Jeff being helped by Nate and Elena.

Nate and Chloe, who were also attacked by the soldiers, made their way out of the temple, finding and helping Elena and a wounded Jeff. After killing the last of the soldiers, Nate helped Jeff much to Chloe's irritation, as she labeled Jeff as "useless" and claimed he'd only slow them down.

As it began to rain, Nate aided Jeff by carrying him into the safety of the Valley of Temples, with Elena and Chloe acting as backup. After a long line of close calls, the four of them managed to escape into a half-destroyed building.

Nate set Jeff down next to a broken table, as he has lost too much blood. Chloe, seeing there is no way out of the building, stated again that Jeff was slowing them down and it'd be better to leave him. As they argued, Zoran Lazarević and Harry Flynn arrived, leading Chloe to pull her gun on the group in order to not blow her cover.

After Chloe left, Lazarević approached Jeff, asking Nate and Elena if they had carried him all that way. He then pulled out his gun and shot Jeff point-blank, much to Elena's shock.


Jeff's multiplayer card in Among Thieves.

Jeff is a playable character skin in Among Thieves multiplayer. He can be purchased for $100,000 once the player has reached level 30. Jeff is on the Heroes side.

He also appears as a playable character skin in Drake's Deception multiplayer. He is available once the player has purchased the Classic Skin Pack. He is on the Heroes side.

Character design[]

Personality and traits[]

Unlike his partner Elena, Jeff was rather unfamiliar with weapons or gunfights, often staying behind his allies whilst they fought. Jeff was shown to be apathetic, acting bored rather than frightened during the few situations he had with Nate and Elena.

As part of his work as a cameraman, Jeff often carried a camera by his side. He also seemed to take his job seriously, as he agreed to work with Elena despite the danger of her search after Lazarević. Jeff also appeared to like both his job and the environment he filmed, as he is shown filming the Nepalese Temple and its surroundings while Nate, Elena, and Chloe have a discussion.


Jeff was tall, around the same height as Nathan, with a thin frame, fair skin, short brown hair, a dark beard, and gray eyes.

Jeff wore a light-green, pocketed, sleeveless jacket; his laminate on the jacket's left side; a blue-white t-shirt; beige pants; brown sneakers; and a maroon baseball cap.

Drake's Deception[]

Behind the scenes[]

If one looks closely at the strap on Jeff's back, a paw print can be seen. This is a nod to Uncharted developers Naughty Dog, whose logo is a red paw.

When jumping and climbing, Jeff's grunts are the same as Harry Flynn.

Like most returning characters to Drake's Deception multiplayer, Jeff's clothes have become darker; his jacket has become darker green in color.


  • Jeff owned a Sony camera.
  • Jeff is available as a single-player skin once the player has purchased the "Elena - Winter Gear" skin.


  1. Jeff's ID tag in the remastered port of Among Thieves for the PlayStation 4 reveals his last name to be Wynia.