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Jeff Wynia[a] was a character in Among Thieves, with an appearance in Drake's Deception as a multiplayer skin. He was a cameraman who worked with journalist Elena Fisher, assisting her in trailing Zoran Lazarević.

In both of his appearances, Jeff is voiced and mo-capped by Gregory Myhre.


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Jeff joined Elena as her cameraman prior to the events of Among Thieves, to help her report about Lazarević, a war criminal who was thought to have died after a bombing raid. They followed Lazarević's trail to a Nepalese city, which was in the midst of a civil war due to Lazarević's actions. In "Desperate Times" he was held at gunpoint by chance when Nate ran into him, thinking he was a soldier, until Elena cleared up the confusion. After a conversation between Elena, Nate, and Chloe who did not want them along, they were forced to team up when they were found by more soldiers.

Jeff joined the three of them throughout "They're Coming With Us", during which he remained behind cover whenever there was a firefight, as he did not carry a gun. At the end of the chapter he waited behind inside the temple, along with Elena, while Nate and Chloe explored its contents. Jeff and Elena were attacked by soldiers after some time had passed, with Jeff unfortunately being shot in his abdomen. At the end of "Only One Way Out" Nate decided he would try and save him, although Chloe objected again, as he would be useless and only slow them down.

During "Keep Moving", Jeff was carried along by Nate, while Elena and Chloe looked for a way out. Ultimately the soldiers cut them off too many times and they were forced into a building, with the only exit being a large drop that the barely conscious Jeff was not able to make. Chloe again argued to leave Jeff behind, as she did not believe he would make it even if they escaped, but Nate and Elena decided against her course of action. At this point the soldiers caught up to them, along with Flynn and Lazarević himself. Lazarević noted it was a shame they had carried Jeff all the way from the temple, and promptly executed him without hesitation.


Jeff is of average build, about as tall as Nathan, with fair skin, short brown hair, and a slightly unshaven beard, notably he wears a sleeveless jacket and a baseball cap. He does not carry a gun and will hide behind cover during firefights, staying behind until the fight was over. He acts kind of dull and unimpressed regarding the situation, only asking if it was "always like this" with Nathan after they made it through another shootout, indicating he and Elena must not have gone through as much action themselves.

Despite his apparent disinterest he does care about his job, as he lugs a large Sony camera around, and can be seen filming the temple when they first arrive there. After he got shot he still attempted to take it with him as well, as well as trying to make himself appear better than the actual state he was in.


Jeff is a playable skin in the multiplayer of both Among Thieves and Drake's Deception. In the former he can be purchased from the Heroes' side for $100,000 once Level 30 has been achieved, whereas in the latter he is available after downloading the third Classic Skin Pack.


  1. Jeff's ID tag in Among Thieves Remastered reveals his last name to be Wynia.