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Keep Moving is the eleventh chapter of Among Thieves.


The group is ambushed by Lazarevic's men. Jeff is severely injured by a bullet prompting Chloe to tell the group to forget about him and keep moving to avoid incoming soldiers. Nathan and Elena disagree with her and insist on taking Jeff with them no matter what. Chloe has no choice but to cooperate.

Nate then carries wounded Jeff through the streets of the Valley of Temples under heavy rain with bullets flying everywhere. Lazarevic's soldiers chase the group relentlessly. After several close calls, including one with an RPG and a locked gate, the group is forced to take cover inside a building. They are forced to stop in a house with Jeff having lost too much blood. Chloe then surprises everyone by pulling her gun on the group to cover up her involvement with them. Flynn arrives and shows surprise that Chloe is there. Lazarevic and Lt. Draza then arrive. Nate and Lazarevic have their first face to face moment. Lazarevic then congratulates them on their determination to save Jeff. He then comments on how it was a shame to do so. He then, perhaps unsurprisingly, shoots Jeff. Lazarevic leaves after ordering Flynn and another soldier to execute Nate and Elena. Elena punches Flynn, breaking his nose, and the two make a run for it. They dash through several alleys under fire from RPGs, assault rifles, and pistols. They finally get away by ducking into a building. Nate decides to rescue Chloe and Elena remarks on the "honor among thieves."


This level is unique in structure as on the first part you will carry Jeff while moving, shooting and protecting him. Nate will hold Jeff by the waist on his left while holding a gun on in his right hand. This will make walking slow and hard. While walking, try not to get into a gunfight, otherwise you are as good as dead. Keep an eye on Chloe or Elena, they will show you the way and open locked doors and passages. Keep that up until you will get to the end of part 1.

After the cutscene, you have only one goal: run. Evade the enemies and keep running. After some time, you will get to a gap that has a ladder on the far end and a blue pipe on the wall between. Jump and swing on the pipe to get to the ladder then quickly get to the part where there is no fence and press PlayStationTriangle.svg to catch Elena when she jumps. After that just keep on running and the chapter soon finishes.

The best thing to do during this level is to play it smart with your bullets. On crushing you will run out quickly so you should keep as many bullets as possible. There are very few reload points. The easiest way to win is just follow the girls and hide behind various objects.