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Teams to compete to retain control of a single Hill and earn Victory Points. Respawning restricted when your team controls the Hill

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King of the Hill is a gamemode in A Thief's End multiplayer.



Beta was available on the 14th of December and came out alongside the Survival gamemode.[1] King of the hill officially became part of the gamemode roster on the 17th of March.


King of the Hill is similar to previous Uncharted versions. Two teams fight it out to capture a zone (Represent by a white glowing circle on the map). If you capture the zone it will turn green. You gain victory points for capturing and controlling the zone. The longer you can hold the zone the more your score goes up. After keeping the zone for 60 seconds the zone will disappear and reappear in 30 seconds.The Zone will spawn in a different area.

If you and a enemy are in the zone at the same time , the zone will turn yellow. This means that it's contested.If the enemy team capture the Zone after your team have the zone will be 'destroyed' and will reappear in 30 seconds.

The first team to get 200 victory points win the game.

Differences to previous versions[]

  • The main difference from previous King of the Hill is that if you have control of the zone, respawning become very restricted. This mean that if you get KO you cannot respawn until you lose the zone.
  • Another feature that wasn't in the previous version is the victory hill. The victory hill appear after either your team or the enemy team has reach the score limit. The winning team must capture the victory hill to win, but if the losing team takes it, they get a second chance to win overall.
    • This feature wasn't in the beta, and was introduced in the 17th march patch update.[2]


  • Grenades are very effective in removing enemies from the zone giving you (and your team) chance to rush in and capture the area.
  • If you have capturing the zone it's important to keep your team alive as they will not respawn if KO.
  • If you are defending the Zone using mines is a great way to defend.