LiveData is the method which Naughty Dog uses to make minor updates to the Uncharted 2 multiplayer experience. LiveData updates are different from Title Updates, which must be downloaded and installed prior to starting the game from the XMB.

LiveData updates occur when the player is connecting to the Uncharted 2 multiplayer. The only indication a LiveData update is occurring is a brief onscreen message that says "Syncing LiveData". LiveData updates usually take only seconds to complete and, as a result, many may pass unnoticed. If all game data is deleted and re-installed, all previous LiveData updates will occur, which can take several minutes. This will also happen the first time the player connects to the multiplayer.

LiveData updates support:

  • Changing character skins, such as the World Cup and holiday skins.
  • Updating map and match parameters, such as weapon spawn points and the amount of money earned in a match.
  • Starting and ending The Lab playlist and/or double cash weekends.

The current LiveData version is 1.09.078.

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