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London Streets is a downloadable multiplayer map that appears in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. This map was released in the Drake's Deception map pack on April 10. The map is based on the streets and buildings of urban London that Drake, Sully, Cutter, and Chloe travel through in Another Round and Run to Ground of the single player campaign.

Map Description[]

There are many alleyways and narrow paths in the map which offer choke and stealth points as well as cover from snipers. There is also a small garden courtyard in the middle of the map which leaves players exposed from all sides.The roof next to the bar is an ideal vantage point for snipers but leaves them exposed with no cover.

Environmental Factors[]

  • An armored truck with a mounted turret will enter the map at various times during a match (appearing exclusively in competitive modes). The armored truck will periodically drive through the alleys and run over fences, allowing for the players to walk or run over them instead of climbing. The tank will shoot at players and it is also possible to be run over by it if players aren't watchful.


  • The easter egg newspaper can still be seen in the bar on the counter
  • There are two dart boards in the The Pelican Pub each one has written on it Reuben vs Brian
  • In the The Pelican Pub there are 3 pool/billiards tables (2 downstairs and 1 upstairs)
  • When you exit the Kitchen of the Pelican Pub you can see the small trailer that you pushed in the campiagn
  • The streets have graffiti art covering the walls, including an image of drake's ring and another image with the letters NDI