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London Underground is the second Co-op Adventure mission that appears in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. The three playable characters are Nathan Drake, Victor Sullivan, and Charlie Cutter.


The mission begins with Nate, Sully, and Charlie sneaking into an underground passageway in London. They intend to get past the station to a secret library and get out, but they are soon discovered and a gunfight ensues. After clearing out the station, the players proceed to the library and grab a page out of a book that will tell the location of a monastery. The monastery apparently holds a clue as to where the other half of the statue is. However, enemies burst in and cloud the room with smoke bombs. The players must defeat the enemies and retreat out the back. After opening a large door, the heroes find themselves on the train tracks. After pushing a train car out of the way and exiting the station, they are pinned down at a city street by more enemies, including a hammer kickback enemy. Once the players finally defeat the soldiers, Chloe appears with a getaway van, thus ending the mission.


  • This mission is based on London Underground.
  • The Agents in the missions appear to be using the Smoke Bomb kickback at times.
  • If you will start this level with two other players (characters are Nathan Drake, Victor Sullivan and Charlie Cutter),Sully will wear a red shirt with gray pants, however, if you join as a third player (Victor Sullivan), Sully will wear a blue shirt with yellow pants or a gray shirt with gray pants.
  • Marlowe's agents wear black glasses on hard difficulty.

Unique Medals[]

  • Unyielding worth $250
  • Knock-Knock worth $250