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The M32-Hammer is a semi-automatic grenade launcher featured in Among Thieves and Drake's Deception. It has a revolver-style magazine which holds four rounds, while Nate can carry eight more in his pockets. Due to low grenade velocity, its shots have a small arching effect but the blast range is large enough to catch any intended enemies, including the player if fired too close.

The grenades will explode upon impacting foes, or bounce until detonating on a time fuse. Each grenade does less damage than a regular frag grenade; an enemy can survive an indirect blast. Note that armored enemies and brutes can survive direct hits as well.

The Hammer is the in-game equivalent of the real-life M32-MGL, which actually carries six rounds, and has a cylinder that swings out, instead of the break-open design seen in Among Thieves. Each round must also be loaded by hand.


In the Among Thieves multiplayer, the Hammer is a much sought after weapon, due to its high power and difficulty to be countered. The grenades explode on impact to anything, rather than on a timer. They also have an increased amount of ammunition, namely six, with more ammo being available through the Launch Man booster. Explosive Shell Expert also enables more ammo in the Drake's Deception multiplayer.

Medal and trophy[]

Trophy: 50 Kills: M32-Hammer
Kill 50 enemies with the M32-Hammer. Bronze

Scoring 50 kills with the M32-Hammer will unlock the medal, worth $10,000, and bronze trophy "50 Kills: M32-Hammer" in both Among Thieves and Among Thieves Remastered.