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The M79 is a grenade launcher featured in Drake's Fortune and Golden Abyss. Nathan Drake could use them if he managed to get one from either Eddy Raja's pirates or Atoq Navarro's mercenaries. In "The Drowned City" and "To the Tower", Elena has an M79 that doesn't need reloading.

It can hold only a single grenade before it has to be reloaded, and the grenade travels in a straight line (unless fired from the hip). Its high power and large area of attack also makes it a one-shot kill. This is one of the last weapons to be unlocked from the single-player store and, although it is extremely powerful, the low ammo capacity of three rounds and the fact that you must reload after every shot can be considered serious downsides, unless the Infinite Ammo tweak is turned on.


The M79 is not a frequently encountered weapon. It is not commonly found simply lying around and must be picked up from the dead bodies of Navarro's grenadiers or Eddy Raja's grenadiers.

It can be a difficult weapon to counter as, if you are not aware that a grenadier is lurking around the corner and you go rushing into the open, you could be sent crashing into a wall in a matter of seconds. If you notice one being fired, take cover and follow the smoke trails the grenade leaves or look for grenadiers, with their distinctive yellow hats, or Eddy Raja's grenadiers, who always wear red T-shirts.

Medal and trophyEdit

Trophy data
30 Kills: M79
Kill 30 enemies with the M79. Bronze
50 Kills: M79
Kill 50 enemies with the M79. Bronze

Scoring 30 kills with the M79 will unlock the medal, worth 10 points, and bronze trophy "30 Kills: M79" in Drake's Fortune and Drake's Fortune Remastered. The same achievement also unlocks a bronze trophy in Golden Abyss.

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