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The MP40 is a submachine gun commonly available in Drake's Fortune, and only very rarely found throughout Among Thieves. It is a fast-firing, short-ranged sub-machine gun and is very effective against the descendants. It is first found in "The Bunker", inside the namesake submarine bunker, and later chapters. It was the main submachine gun used by Nazis in World War II, hence why it is found in the German WWII bunker.

In the sequel it is found in the ice temple where Karl Schäfer's expedition crew was found, and right before the Path of Light puzzle in the pit where Drake shoots at the gears to stop the spiked ceiling from coming down on him and Chloe Frazer. There is also one hidden in a Nepal sewer where the Strange Relic is found. The MP40 is not available in multiplayer.

Medal and trophyEdit

Trophy: 30 Kills: MP40
Kill 30 enemies with the MP40. Bronze
Scoring 30 kills with the MP40 will unlock the medal, worth 10 points, and bronze trophy "30 Kills: MP40" in Drake's Fortune and Drake's Fortune Remastered. Scoring 50 kills will unlock the medal "50 Kills: MP40", worth $10,000, in Among Thieves.

Behind the scenesEdit

The magazine of the MP40 was moved back towards the trigger in-game. This was done so the animators wouldn't need to make an animation specifically for holding the MP40, as in placing his hand to grip the magazine as was done in real life.

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