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Mine is a gear available in A Thief's End multiplayer

Overview[edit | edit source]

The mine only detonates if an enemy player passes near it, or by shooting it if it's placed by an enemy. It cannot be thrown far, but it's main use is creating traps. The mine takes a few seconds to arm itself, thus reducing it's use in firefights even further.

Mine costs 3 LP (Loadout points).

In-game upgrade Cost Recharge Time Effect
Default None 60 seconds None
Level 1 48 seconds 20% faster resupply

Can't be marked by saviors

Level 2 48 seconds 30% faster fuse time
Level 3 48 seconds Mid-air explosion when detonated

No beeping

Carry an additional mine

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • This weapon is very useful during plunder, as it can be thrown on the vicinity of either the idol or the opponent's treasure chest.
    • It's also very useful on command, as the mine can be use to protect a command point.
  • Plant the mine on locations where it cannot be avoided effectively, such as on the bottom of slides and on narrow pathways.
  • Plant the mine on locations where it's difficult to see, such as plants of grass or behind cover.
    • Plant the mine behind the same cover you hide behind, so if you get downed you might take out the attacker. However, this tactic can be hit-or-miss; If the enemy shoots it or throws an explosive a safe distance from you, it might still blow up the mine, downing the person who planted it on the process.
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