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The monastery is a large, ancient complex of buildings set high in the Himalayas. It houses the secret entrance to Shambhala.


It is unclear when the monastery was built, and the identity of who built it is a mystery. It was most likely built to mark or hide the entrance to Shambhala. Due to the relatively inhospitable surrounding terrain, much of the monastery was built up rather than out. It consists of several large towers towards its perimeter, surrounding a series of inner courtyards and smaller buildings. The complex takes up much space, with wooden bridges spanning gaps between buildings. At some point it was abandoned and fell into a state of disrepair.

It was later found by Zoran Lazarević, and his mercenaries. They began to tear the place apart, pulling down large statues, as they looked for the entrance to Shambhala. The entrance was finally found by Nathan Drake, hidden in one of the central courtyards.


The location appears in different forms in multiplayer. It features as the setting of a Co-op Objective mission, entitled "The Sanctuary". It is also the basis for the map of the same name.


  • It is referred to by Nathan Drake as "the creepy old monastery."
  • The monastery appears to be still standing, even after Shambhala was destroyed, as Nate, Chloe and Elena retreat to it in the game's final cutscene.
  • Many confrontations such as the battle outside the secret entrance to Shambhala can be avoided by taking out enemies with stealth attacks.


The monastery only appears in Uncharted 2.