No one escapes Mykola Rusnak!
— Mykola Rusnak
Mykola Rusnak
Mykola rusnak
Mykola Rusnak in Uncharted comic #2.
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Uncharted (comic)

Mykola Rusnak is an antagonist in the Uncharted comic series.

Events in the comic miniseriesEdit

Issue 2Edit

He was introduced in the second issue of the comic. Not much is mentioned about him, only that he is Russian and has connections to the mob. He is also the rightful owner of the Amber Seal which holds the secret to the location of the fabled Amber Room. At the end of this issue he along with his hired goons captured Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan.

Issue 3Edit

When Rusnak is unhappy with Drake's unwillingness to tell him where the amber seal is, he aimed his gun at Drake's head and was about to kill him when out of nowhere Chloe Frazer appeared, rescuing Drake and Sully by blinding him and his goons with a flash grenade. As the three made their escape in a jeep, Rusnak and his men gave chase in their car, shooting at them. Unfortunately this proves to be all in vain as Chloe performed an evasive maneuver and Rusnak and his driver plunged over a cliff and are killed in the explosion when they crash to the ground far below.