Odessa Mining Company is a Mystery in Uncharted: Golden Abyss, and completing it will award a trophy of the same name. There are 11 components in the Mystery, spread throughout the game.

Trophy: Odessa Mining Company
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Descriptive TextEdit

Hundreds of archaeological sites are in danger of vanishing as the strip mine expands into the rainforest.

This mystery focuses on the Odessa Mining Company, which is responsible for a number of strip-mines which destroy portions of the rainforest and remove the soil in search of precious minerals, such as gold or uranium. Sometimes they will come across sites of archaeological importance, at which point the International Office of Antiquities (IOA) will step in and take control of the area the site is within.

Twenty years before Golden Abyss, the Odessa Mining Company discovered Kuna ruins and the Spanish Grave Site on a ridge in central Panama, and reported them to the IOA. The IOA sent in a number of archaeologists, including Vincent Perez, while Odessa continued surveying the ridge. When Roberto Guerro was ousted from power ten years later, the area of the ridge came under the control of loyalist forces, and after a failed revolution it became an area where Guerro's influence was strong, forcing Odessa to abandon its efforts to mine the ridge.

Components of the MysteryEdit


The mining company has fenced off acres of rainforest as they prepare to push their strip mines into virgin territory. The sign says 'Keep Out'.

The Peligro is a photo taken during "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet". Once the Chapter begins, run around the opposite side of the Jeep to where you start and look towards the locked gates.

Survey CompassEdit

Compasses like this one are used in surveying, though they are quickly being replaced by modern electronic Survey GPS devices.

The Survey Compass is found as a Treasure in "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet". After doing the first two Charcoal Rubbings at the rope bridge, but before crossing it, head towards the waterfall. The treasure is on the edge of the cliff, overlooking the plunge pool.

Survey GPSEdit

Before being riddled with bullets, this device would have used a satellite to pinpoint its position within inches.

The Survey GPS is found as a Treasure in "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet".

Abandoned TruckEdit

This truck was abandoend after the International Office of Antiquities forced the mining company to abandon plans to push into the gravesite area.

The Abandoned Truck is a photo taken during "No Prison Tats".

The RoadEdit

Thanks to the mining company, roads like this snake their way through hundreds of miles of formerly untouched rainforest.

The Road is a photo taken during "No Prison Tats".

Tree PoisonEdit

Who needs trees? Not the Odessa Mining Company. Barrels of posion make it easier to uproot trees when the bulldozers come through.

Tree Poison is a photo taken during "No Prison Tats".

Glow-in-the-Dark MiningEdit

Uranium is just one of the elements that the Odessa Mining Company seeks to uncover beneath the vast rainforest.

Glow-in-the-Dark Mining is a photo taken during "No Prison Tats". It can be taken immediately after a brief cutscene when Nate wonders if they're going to start glowing in the dark by heading directly for the fenced-off area with the radiation symbol on the sign.

Land DeedEdit

The land deed given to the Odessa Mining Company by the government of Panama. Once Noriega fell, the IOA took over control of much of the land contained in the deed.

The Land Deed is found as a puzzle in "Nothing But Some Old Bones".


An old sextant. At one point the mining company was conducting a survey to as part of plans to harness the waterfalls here for hydroelectric power.

The Sextant is found as a treasure in "Nothing But Some Old Bones".


Truckloads of equipment brought up the mountain in anciticpation of expanding the stip mine. The IOA put a stop to all that.

Equipment is a photo taken during "Nothing But Some Old Bones".


A survey map pinpointing the locations that have significant archaeological importance to the IOA.

The Map is a photo taken during "He Gave Them Everything". This photo is part of the storyline, so after the cutscene in Guerro's office when Chase remarks that she never expected a friend of Dante's to be a nice guy, climb the ladder and move to the left. The map will be on the wall, and a photo can be taken when an icon appears on the screen.



The Mystery as it appears in Nate's journal.