Trophy: The Trail Of Vincent Perez
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The Trail Of Vincent Perez is a Mystery in Uncharted: Golden Abyss which, when completed awards a trophy of the same name. The Mystery has 11 components, which are scattered through the game.

Descriptive TextEdit

Vincent Perez spent the last twenty years of his life investigating the mysteries found in the dig site and surrounding ruins.

This mystery focuses on Marisa Chase's grandfather, Vincent Perez, who disppeared while searching for the solution to the mystery of the Spanish grave site. Perez was a noted expert in the ancient civilisations of Panama, and a member of the International Antiquities Office (IOA).

When the Odessa Mining Company discovered the Spanish grave site, the IOA took over and sent Perez in to lead an excavation. The excavation continued for years, until Roberto Guerro's revolution broke out and the site was subsumed into his territory. Diagnosed with terminal cancer nine years later, Perez became obsessed with solving the mystery, and became partners with Jason Dante to negotiate with Guerro for access to the site. Three months later, he disappeared, leaving his granddaughter desperate to discover his fate.

Coponents of the MysteryEdit

Archaeologist's TrowelEdit

Archaeologists use trowels like this one to carefully excavate artefacts from the soil. This one evidently belonged to someone named Vincent Perez. One of Guerro's men must have taken it and dropped it here.

The Archaeologist's Trowel is a Treasure found in "I'm Not Leaving Without It".

Archaeologist's PickEdit

Archaeologists use picks like this to break up soil and chip away rock. This muddy pick once belonged to someone named Vincent Perez. More evidence that Guerro and his men have been ransacking the dig site in the Odessa mining area.

The Archaeologist's Pick is a Treasure found in "Learning the Hard Way".

Perez's SpectaclesEdit

A pair of spectacles Perez used to study old documents.

Perez's Spectacles are found as a Treasure in "My Grandfather's Sanctuary".

Perez's IOA TruckEdit

Layers of dust indicate that Perez's IOA truck was parked at the Sete Cidades' retreat for weeks.

Perez's IOA Truck is a photo taken in "He Was Never Coming Back".

IOA Site MapEdit

An IOA site map of the Sete Cidades retreat.

The IOA Site Map is found as a Treasure in "He Was Never Coming Back", and needs to be reassembled before it can be added to Nate's journal.

Perez's ID CardEdit

Perez's IOA Identification card which shows that he's been with the organisation for over twenty years.

The ID card is found as a Treasure in "Chimera to Ward Off Evil".

Perez's Sifting BoxEdit

Sifting boxes like this are used by archaeologists to sift fine artefact shards from soil samples.

Perez's Sifting Box is a photo taken in "Chimera to Ward Off Evil".

Perez's GearEdit

Perez's personal gear, like this shovel and backpack, scattered throughou the Sete Cidades retreat, shows that Perez was here for weeks... searching.

Perez's Gear is a photo taken in "Chimera to Ward Off Evil".

Strange RelicEdit

Precusor Orbs are mysterious objects which remain enigmatic even today. The Ancients were rumoured to use them to defy gravity. Proponents of 'Ancient Astronaut' theories believe they are depleted power cells. Vincent Perez believed them to be important components of sacred rituals involving hidden objects, not unlike ancient easter egg hunts

The Strange Relic is a Treasure fond in "Chimera to Ward Off Evil". Unlike other treasures, it must be cleaned before it can be added to Nate's journal.

Journal of Vincent PerezEdit

Perez's battered journal. Evidently Drake isn't the only treasure hunter to keep copious notes.

The Journal is found as a Treasure in "Chamber of the Seven Fathers".

Silver LocketEdit

An antique locket that Chase gave to her grandfather, Vincent Perez.

The Silver Locket is found as a Treasure in "Give Me My Gun"


The Trail Of Vincent Perez

The Mystery as it appears in Nate's journal.