NDI is a fictitious label used in the Uncharted series. NDI probably stands for Naughty Dog Incorporated and can be spotted on various objects, clothing and characters in the Uncharted games.



Drake's gun holster

  • Nathan Drake - On the back of Nate's gun holster is an imprinted "NDI" along with a decorative circle around it.
  • Mk-NDI - The "NDI" in the name of the grenades is one of the more prominent uses of this easter egg.
  • Parachute - If you look closely at Nathan's parachute from Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, the easter egg can be spotted
  • London Restroom - In the one of The Pelicann's stalls, a sticker that says NDI can be seen.
  • Storage Container - In Chapter 13 - Rough Seas, one of the storage containers has NDI on it. The same storage container also appears in the Graveyard multiplayer map.