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The Nepalese city is a location featured during the chapters "Urban Warfare" up to "A Train to Catch" in Among Thieves. Located in Nepal, its exact name is unknown although its general area is called the "Valley of Temples".


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When Marco Polo first discovered the valley on his travels to find Shambhala, the valley was occupied only by the hundreds of temples. On Marco Polo's map, found by Nathan Drake in Borneo, he described, in Latin, the sheer scale of his find and its place in the search for Shambhala. The "Golden Passport" Marco speaks of is the Tibetan Phurba which he included with the map. The dagger is for, as Drake describes, "destroying obstacles... y'know, spiritual ones". The markings on the Phurba dagger correspond to symbols found on the temples themselves, and by following the correct symbol, Nathan Drake was able to find the temple which concealed the "secret path to Shambhala".

Among Thieves[]

Due to unknown reasons there was a level of dissent with the city's inhabitants towards some level of the government, something that Zoran Lazarević and his private army exploited to intentionally destabilize the city; turning it into a warzone. Although the local population, some of which had formed a resistance, did not benefit from this due to Lazarević quickly taking hold of the power vacuum and having his men brutally put down any opposition they came across, with the use of heavy military vehicles such as armored trucks, attack helicopters, and tanks. Nate himself became a victim to this as an armored truck crashed the jeep that he was using to enter the city.

Without a vehicle he was forced to make his way to the meeting spot with Chloe Frazer on foot, during which he saw resistance fighters ramming a squad of Lazarević's soldiers using a bus. Once he met up with Chloe at the Old Market they made their way to Hotel Shangri-la, where they witnessed soldiers executing fleeing resistance fighters. At the top of the hotel they spotted the temple that Marco Polo was talking about. On the way there they were chased by a helicopter, which shot down an entire building in an attempt to kill them, although they survived and Nate shot it down himself afterwards.

Continuing their path towards the temple, Nate ran into Elena Fisher and her cameraman Jeff Wynia. After a short discussion the latter two joined up as Lazarević's soldiers found them again, leading to the whole group making it to the temple, where they split up again. Nate and Chloe explored its contents, eventually discovering a map to Shambhala, but also learning that soldiers had followed them inside, and that Jeff had been shot as they fought their back outside. Nate decided to try and save Jeff, but ultimately failed as they could not get away fast enough from the soldiers cutting them off repeatedly.

Lazarević himself executed Jeff when they finally managed to catch up to them, while Chloe was taken away by Flynn when she pretended to be on his side again. Assuming his victory, Lazarević took Nate's map and Phurba, and left his and Elena's execution to Flynn, who failed and let Nate and Elena escape. They regrouped and decided to try and save Chloe, who was taken to the city's railyard, as Lazarević was about to leave for the Himalayas. Although they failed to rescue her, Nate ultimately did manage to get onboard thanks to Elena, who used a jeep to get him close enough to jump.


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The modern day city is built around the many temples, which were constructed across a vast valley next to the Himalaya mountain range. The city consists out of many high-rise structures, reaching on average four to five stories tall, with a lack of uniform design other than often featuring small rooms and cramped corridors and staircases inside of them. Cobblestone streets ranging from large to small make up the city's roads, often meeting to form small and large plazas.

The city's civil war has led to the destruction of various infrastructures, including roads being blocked, and buildings being partially demolished. Due to the difficulty in properly maneuvering through the city it is often required to take shortcuts through buildings, and use street signs to climb around obstacles. The local resistance forces made use of small retractable bridges to make it across rooftops.

Hotel Shangri-La[]

Hotel Shangri-La is the tallest structure in the city, and is located at a large plaza close to the Old Market. The plaza features a small stone temple, and was held by a contingent of soldiers for a time. The hotel's bottom floor was inaccessible, but the second connected to an elevator. Connected by a small bridge was a second building, which when traversed could be used to reach the hotel's upper floors, including a kitchen and generator room. At the top floor was a swimming pool and a bar, as well as a zip line to a nearby city block.

The Phurba temple[]

The temple is located at the edge of the city, up against a small mountain. Its entrance was largely hidden from view due to the surrounding buildings, although its top is visible if on a higher point of view. The interior has a small entrance room, which opens up into a much larger chamber featuring a massive golden six-armed statue, depicting some sort of Hindu deity. If its arms and the contents it is holding are placed in a specific position, and the Phurba is used to unlock the keyhole in its chest the pool in front of it will drain, revealing a damp underground passage. Partially flooded, it contains nothing of note except for a stone relief of the Tree of Life, and connects to a long corridor containing a hidden trapdoor.

Past the corridor and its trap is a massive chamber, either originally a natural cavern or excavated out of a small mountain, with sunlight visible through its natural ceiling. The chamber is dominated by a gigantic Phurba replication hanging down from the ceiling, directly positioned over a stone statue laying down on the floor akin to a ritual sacrifice. Two more statues are also located on the left and right of the chamber. There are several aimable mirrors used to reflect beams of sunlight, which are needed to 'unlock' three demonic faces, which also contain Phurba keyholes, each of which lowers a blade of the main Phurba in the center. Once the puzzle is solved a hidden passage in the floor statue's throat is revealed, leading to the map of the true location of Shambhala.


The trainyard is located at the edge of the city, in a large and flat area next to a river. It appears to primarily serve an industrial use, being located next to factories, and with most of its space used up for storage of traincarts. There is only a single railway present, which was used by Lazarević's train, whose military also had established an apparent base of operations there. The only structure's interior that is seen contains various stores train parts, including a large carriage that Nate caused to crash through a wall and tip over.


The multiplayer maps "The Plaza", "The Temple", and "The Highrise" are each respectively based on the city, the temple, and the hotel areas. The city also appears as a Co-op Objective mission in Nepal Warzone.