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No Escape is the twentieth chapter in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.


After escaping the catacombs, Nate and Elena continue their search for Sam, coming across a ship graveyard in the process. Along their way, they find Sam being pursued and under fire from Shoreline and begin fighting their way past the mercenaries to reach him. They eventually reunite and continue fighting, but Nate is separated from the two and is forced to face more soldiers and a couple of artillery vehicles, before he comes across Sully, who hands him an RPG to destroy the second vehicle before pulling Nate to safety.

It is then that Sam and Elena arrive at the scene, the former of whom is finally able to talk with his brother. He attempts to apologize about having lied but Nate tells him to save it for later. They are about to head to Sully's seaplane to leave the island, which confuses Sam as he intended to continue searching for the treasure. Sully is against since they had only come to save him, but Sam, despite his gratitude, believes they have the advantage and asks if they know why Avery scuttled all the ships as he left, to which Elena answers that he was hellbent on keeping his treasure no matter the cost to the others. Sam then shows Nate Avery's map of the island, stating that his ship and the treasure are under a nearby mountain, and that it is where Rafe and Shoreline are heading. Determined to find the treasure, he tells Nate that the others do not understand, but Nate objects, stating that they have seen his obsession before and that he and Sam have nothing to prove.

After a moment of consideration, Sam silently concedes and the four continue on to Sully's seaplane, making their way through an abandoned town in the process. However, a faulty mechanism causes Sam to get separated from the group and gives him the leeway to continue his search for the treasure, much to Nate's frustration. They immediately give chase to Sam, but Nate gets separated from Sully and Elena. Sully objects to Nate going by himself, and Elena is upset that Nate has to take on this burden by himself, but Nate tells them to get the plane close to the mountain and to be ready for a quick getaway. After bidding a quick farewell and promising to bring Sam back no matter what, he leaves to go scale the mountain his brother was headed towards.


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