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Out of the Frying Pan is the seventh chapter of Drake's Fortune. Using a jeep, Nate and Elena fled from Eddy and his pirate crew through a forest.

Story[edit | edit source]

After Elena freed Nate from Eddy's clutches, the two found themselves in pursuit by Eddy's pirates, in a chase that led them across the island. While Elena controlled the wheel, Nate manned a machine gun to keep the pirates off their tail.

Nate and Elena at the end of the road.

Once they had evaded the last of them, the two came to a dead-end, and Elena almost drove the jeep over the edge of a cliff. Nate fell out of his seat but managed to hold on from the back. Once Elena helped him back up, Nate took the driver seat. He attempted to drive off but were unable to, and Eddy and his crew managed to catch up. After shooting their window with a Moss - 12 shotgun, Eddy demanded Nate and Elena to remain still and relinquish the map. Nate stalled him for a minute and quietly told Elena to hold on tight. Eddy, growing impatient, continued demanding the map. Nate then quickly reversed the jeep, backing it off the cliff and into the water below.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Nate manning the turret.

You start in a jeep driven by Elena, through a large jungle. You will be manning a machine gun, and your goal is to keep Eddy's men off of your tail. You can either use the machine gun with your normal trigger, or grenades with your aim button. The grenades have a longer reload time, and are more suitable for large groups of enemies or big trucks, while the bullets will only work against smaller vehicles. It should also be noted that the smaller the firing reticle is, the more accurate your fire is, therefore you should maintain short bursts of fire each time.

On occasion, there will be some vehicles that approach you from the sides. Due to a large amount of trees and obstacles, it will be difficult to get a good shot on some vehicles. Midway through, after approaching a dead-end cliff, you will turn around and spot a large oncoming truck, which you must quickly blow up using the grenade launcher before it crashes into you. The chase will then lead through a small cave, where you must use the grenades to remove rubble blocking the exit. As you approach the end, you will have just a few enemies left to take down before jumping over a gap, after which you will be led to the end of the road.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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