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The P08-9mm is a weapon that appears in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. It is only found on the bodies of dead Nazi soldiers in the exploration chapters where Tenzin accompanies Nathan Drake. This is the only weapon the player can use against the first Guardian encountered in the game (although the gun won't actually kill the Guardian) . Throughout the later chapters of the game, Elena Fisher wields the gun after being given it by Chloe. The weapon is very accurate, but has a low magazine capacity and slow firing speed. The weapon is not used by any enemies, nor is it available online. During the first fight with the guardian, if you reload the P08 the ammunition is completely restocked. It can be bought for $5000 and can be used to kill only after that.

Killing fifty enemies awards you the medal "50 Kills: P08-9mm", worth $10,000.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The P08 is the identical twin of the real life Luger P08, a pistol used by the German army in both World Wars.
  • Like the MP40, the conditions in which the P08 is found in would in reality, render the gun useless.
  • In reality, the standard magazine capacity is 8, not 7.
  • During the time Nate carries the P08-9mm it is impossible to get any kills with it.
  • The Germans phased out the Luger in 1938, and production was planned to end in 1942.
  • It is unlikely that the Germans would have used the P08 in the Ahnenerbe expeditions as the Luger had a tendency to jam in unsuitable conditions.

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