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The PM-9mm is a standard handgun weapon that appears in Drake's Fortune and Golden Abyss. It also makes several appearances throughout the Uncharted comic book series.


Drake's FortuneEdit

The PM-9mm serves as the standard pistol for Nathan Drake in the first half of Drake's Fortune. The PM's magazine holds eight rounds, and the player can carry up to forty rounds.

It is used as the starting weapon in the game, being used in the first chapter, "Ambushed," by Nathan Drake and his NPC ally, Elena Fisher. It appears as Nate's only weapon if the player chooses a level from the chapter select menu, though there are exceptions, such as if the plot has Drake wielding something else at that point. Elena carries a PM-9mm in her first two appearances in the game, "Ambushed" and "A Surprising Find."

The PM also serves as a main sidearm for Eddy Raja's pirates, the main enemies for the first half of the game, using it along with Micro-9mms, Moss-12s, and AK-47s.

The pistol becomes rare to find after the chapter, "Sanctuary?," and its role as Nate's main sidearm is replaced in favor of the much powerful 92FS-9mm. The 92FS-9mm also replaces the PM-9mm as the enemies' sidearm, with the role taken by Atoq Navarro's mercenaries.

The Makarov PM uses a Warsaw Pact variant of 9mm ammo, 9x18mm rounds, as opposed to the more common round in the west, the 9x19 parabellum rounds. The 9x18mm is generally considered less powerful due to a smaller gunpowder charge, and indeed, the gun in Drake's Fortune is less powerful than the 92FS-9mm.

Among ThievesEdit

The gun does not appear in Among Thieves, but does appear on the cover art for the game (not the Japanese cover). It depicts Drake hanging off the train and dropping the gun in the process. However in the game, the gun Drake has at this point is actually the 92FS-9mm.

Drake's DeceptionEdit

Charlie Cutter uses the PM-9mm as principal weapon, but only in the single-player campaign.

Golden AbyssEdit

The PM-9mm returns in Golden Abyss as a standard weapon. It is first found in "No Prison Tats". It is used by several members of Roberto Guerro's army.


This is the first weapon the player will ever pick up in the Uncharted series. It is reliable, but lacking in power, taking three shots to kill a basic pirate. Its ammo count also leaves much to be desired, but it has a very quick reloading time. Headshots are easy to score with this, but on Crushing difficulty, it is soon outclassed and should only be used as a last resort, taking nearly six shots to kill a mercenary. Of course, at this point, you should not be encountering it.

Medal and trophyEdit

Trophy: 50 Kills: PM-9mm
Kill 50 enemies with the PM-9mm. Bronze

Scoring 50 kills with the PM-9mm will unlock the medal, worth 10 points, and bronze trophy 50 Kills: PM-9mm.

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