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Pema is a minor character in Among Thieves. She is the daughter of the Tibetan villager and explorer Tenzin.


Prior to Among Thieves[]

Pema was born In a Tibetan village located somewhere in the Himalayan mountains. Similar to her father, Pema is familiar with Karl Schäfer, a German explorer who ended up living in the village 70 years prior to the events of Among Thieves.

Among Thieves[]

Tenzin rescued the treasure hunter Nathan Drake after the latter survived a train crash. Tenzin brought Drake into the village and took care of him for several days until Drake woke up.

Pema was the first to greet Drake after he regained consciousness, before she went to Schäfer's residence. After Drake left with her father to find Schäfer's expedition, she was left in the care of Schäfer and Drake's ally, Elena Fisher. However, the village was attacked by Zoran Lazarević and his men in search for Drake and Schäfer.

After they returned from the mountains, Drake and Tenzin fought their way through the village in order to find Schäfer and Pema. Pema was found unharmed, running into her father's arms, while Drake and Elena left the village to rescue Schäfer.

Pema was last seen with her father after he hosted a Tibetan funeral for Schäfer, who had died after being tortured by Lazarević.


  • The identity of Pema's mother is unknown, as she is never seen or mentioned in the game.
  • Pema happens to be the first name of Tenzin's voice actor, Pema Dhondup.
  • Nathan Drake has a drawing of Pema in his journal.