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Pirate Colony is a multiplayer map in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. It is one of eight maps available on release. It is based on the pirate town of Libertalia.

Description Edit

Firefights in the long lost Pirate Colony of Libertalia tend to be brief, brutal, and fast paced. Long, decrepit corridors with plenty of low cover create close combat areas, where the possibility of a quick underwater escape keeps the player on their toes. Both the Pirate Ship crow's nest and the Lighthouse feature long sightlines to the heart of the battlefield, while the grassy areas near the collapsed house offer a temporary reprieve from the action.
— PlayStation's official description

Map layoutEdit

Spawn pointsEdit


Rope swingsEdit


  • Bring equipment good for flushing out enemies while in close quarters — grenades are ideal.
  • The upper levels of the surrounding buildings offer good vantage points.
  • Colony is a small and fast paced map, meaning that players should never linger too long in one place.

References Edit

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