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Plane-wrecked is the fourth chapter of Drake's Fortune. Nate and Elena flew to the island marked on the map recovered from the German submarine and ended up separated after being forced to parachute from their plane while it was being shot down.

Story[edit | edit source]

Nate waking up, startled by a statue.

After jumping out of the Hog Wild with a faulty parachute, Nate, while dangling from a branch, awakened to the sight of a statue that quickly startled him. After cutting himself loose, he dropped down and checked his pockets, realizing he left the map on the plane, which was far off in the forest. He proceeded to venture through the island, heading towards the distant column of smoke rising from the wreck of his plane.

The Wreckage[edit | edit source]

Nate searching the wrecked plane for the map.

Following several gunfights with Eddy Raja's pirates, he eventually found the front end of the plane in an encampment. He climbed into the wreckage and was relieved to see the map still in one piece. However, upon turning around, he spotted Elena's parachute dangling from a tower within the nearby fortress.

As Nate made his way to the fortress, he discovered that several spike traps had been set throughout the jungle, which would impale anyone unlucky enough to trigger them. After traversing the dangerous area, Nate approached the large base of the fortress wall. With no other means of entry, he began pulling off some difficult climbing around the wall.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Traversing the island[edit | edit source]

After the cutscene, proceed over to the locked gate. You must shoot the lock and press Triangle to bust through. Follow the path up to a ledge that you must drop off of, and then climb the rocks on your right and pass through the next area. You will come across a stream of water. Climb the plateau in the back of the area, and carefully walk across the fallen log.

Nate climbing a vine.

You will then be confronted by Eddy's pirates. After shooting them down, using the nearby stone wall for cover, cross the second log and then climb up the vine to reach an area where more pirates confront you. On a nearby crate, you will find some Mk-NDI grenades to use against your opponents, or save for later. Head down the path, climb up some stone, and you will be high above an area filled with Eddy's men. Carefully climb down by jumping down onto the ledge below. In this area, you will have a bunch of enemies to clear out, and they are scattered all around the place. Use the explosive barrels scattered throughout the area to your advantage.

Once the first few pirates have been defeated another wave will come through the jungle from the right corner, and a third wave will come from atop the plateaus on the left side. Once the area is clear, climb up the stone ruins to get to the higher area from which the extra enemies came from. There is a hole to the left of the door, which you can use to toss grenades to the two pirates hiding behind the little stone barrier. Otherwise, just bust through the gate and take out all of the pirates in this area, but retreat once the reinforcements show up in the form of one-two pirates on the left, one of which holds a Moss - 12, and two more on the right side, wielding AK-47s.

Another group awaits you in the courtyard further into the ruins. After that, climb up the wall at the far left corner, then jump across several others to get past the blocked gate. Press on to take out a few more pirates. You will then come out into the open area with huge waterfalls and more platforming to be done.

Crossing the waterfalls[edit | edit source]

Nate platforming his way across the waterfalls.

Leap to the handholds on your right and follow them to make your way to the first part of the bridge. When you climb onto it you will be attacked by two guys at the top of the waterfall, who are nearly out of reach. After mowing them down, head over to the cliff underneath the waterfall. Shimmy along the ledges to get onto another part of the broken bridge. Jump down onto some stones below, then jump forward onto a lower ledge. A pirate then arrives on a truck and begins firing. Shimmy along the ledge, climb up to the top of the stone ledge, but before climbing on top, quickly shoot the barrel on the truck.

This will cause the truck to fall into a small gap that will help you reach the higher platform. As you finally make your way out of the bridge area and further up the river, two more pirates will attack you from atop another waterfall, again appearing at far range. Scramble for the nearby larger rock for cover, or quickly shoot them down as they appear. You will then need to make your way to the land on your right and continue through the jungle until you reach the plane's crash site.

The crash site[edit | edit source]

The location of the plane's remaining fuselage.

Numerous pirates occupy the area, with more appearing from the back as you begin shooting them down, notably a few of which wield shotguns. There is enough cover, so use that to your advantage, but do not press too hard, lest you get flanked. When the area is clear, climb up the rope dangling from the plane so that Nate can retrieve the map. After climbing back down, you will be confronted by more pirates that appear nearby where you came from initially. More than half a dozen pirates will scramble down from the rocks, which leaves them exposed and vulnerable. If possible, use this time to take them out before they can take cover and overwhelm you. Another group will then jump over the blocked gate on the other side of the area, followed by more pirates that come through after they blow away the rubble blocking the passage, culminating with a pair of shotgun-wielders.

Nate taking cover with an M79.

Afterwards, head through the gate and make your way around the mountain by scaling the cliffs and the ledges. You will reach another area with more enemies and deadly spike traps. You must take great caution to avoid the traps. Should you accidentally trip the wire, you can quickly press Circle to roll away quickly before the spikes strike you. In the heavily forested area, you can use the M79 grenade launcher, from the red shirt pirate standing on the ruins, to take out the hordes of enemies that appear among the trees once you reach his position. Several traps are placed among the trees here and they might take out several of them as well, but remain a hindrance to you after the shootout. As you carefully find a path through the trees, you will be approaching the end of the chapter, ending at a large fortress wall.

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