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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Cover

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, often abbreviated as PSASBR or PASBR and originally named Title Fight, is a crossover fighting game, developed by SuperBot Entertainment, and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 3 and Playstation Vita video game consoles.[1]It was revealed on April 26, 2012 during the GTTV television show.

In PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Drake's rival is Sly Cooper.

In arcade mode Drake's story opens in a bar on an island similar to one seen in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. He is seen talking to Victor Sullivan about pages he found that may lead to treasure (Sly's Thievious Raccoonus). Sully insists that they may just be a wild goose chase, but Drake believes that someone went through a lot of trouble encrypting the pages and that they are either after something important or protecting it. Drake finally talks Sully into flying his plane in search of the treasure.

Connections With UNCHARTEDEdit

  • Stowaways appears as a stage
  • Nathan Drake appears as a playable character
  • Drake's weapons are: Mk-NDI grenade, AK-47, Wes-44 magnum, M32-Hammer grenade launcher, Micro-9mm, GAU-19 minigun, Tranquilizer Dart Gun, Propane tank, and Eddy's Golden Gun.
  • The sturgeon and RPG-7 appear as items
  • Elena, Chloe Frazer, Young Drake and Sully appear as a minion. Sully also appears in Drake's arcade mode
  • The Descendents appear in Drake's level 3.
  • The Desert Camo appears as Drake's unlockable costume, plus the Winter Coat and the Diving Suit appears as Drake's DLC costumes.
  • Marlowe, Chloe, Drake, Elena, Salim, Talbot, Sully, and Young Drake appear as Icons for the player's Profile.
  • There are Uncharted-themed backgrounds for the profile
  • Nathan Drake's level 1 has him throw a propane tank in the air and shoot it
  • Drake will occasionally shout "Kitty got wet" after successfully using a super attack.