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Plaza is a multiplayer map in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. It is a revamped version of The Plaza from Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. The map is now set at dawn, and comes with the Flashback Map PackDLC.

Map Description[]

This map is based on Desperate Times from the Uncharted 2 singleplayer campaign. It takes place in a war torn section of a Nepalese city. It features a great variety of weapons and unique climbable architecture such as balconies, signs, and ledges for cover and pull down opportunities. Many buildings have two stories, including the central temple.

The difference is that the map is set in the daytime instead of the night time.

Environmental Factors[]

  • During the match, one of Lazarevic's Mi-24 helicopter gunships will enter the airspace and shoot at players.

Weapon Locations[]

  • T-Bolt Sniper (x2) - At the heroes spawn area, there is a T-Bolt Sniper on the second floor in a toilet. Another T-Bolt Sniper can be found on the back of the crashed truck outside the broken laundry building.
  • SAS- 12 -There is a SAS - 12 shotgun in the center of the map in the hole under the shallow water.
  • FAL-SS - Next to a treasure chest to the right of the main tower.
  • Mag-5 - Located inside the second story of a building next to a siege location.
  • M32 Hammer - Found on the second story on the other side of the siege location.