Power Plays are a feature that appears in the multiplayer mode of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. They are used to give the losing team a chance in a match.

Overview Edit

Power Plays only appear in Team Deathmatch, The Lab and Elimination, and only occur when there is a minimum of 6 kills between teams. Once a power play triggers, it lasts for one minute. If the losing team has no caught up a new power play starts shortly after. Four power plays appear in the beta although one, Cursed, was removed a few days after the beta went live.

Multiplayer Power Plays Edit

A table of currently available power plays is below.

Name Effect
Marked Man A member of the winning team (referred to as the VIP) is marked. The losing team gains extra points for killing the VIP, while the winning team gets extra points if the VIP survives.
Exposed The losing team sees the locations of all winning team members through walls and other obstacles.
Double Damage The losing team deals double damage with all attacks.