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Prelude - Fort is a downloadable co-op adventure mission in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. It was released on February 7, 2012.

The three playable characters are Zoran Lazarevic, Harry Flynn and Eddy Raja. The Fort's layout is similar to the fort from Drake's Fortune's with only a few Minor changes.


The three villains travel to the fortress in a mission related to the Janus head.

They fight their way through the fortress in search for Drake but discover that it is cursed by the Djinn after questioning two fearful pirates. They enter a water cistern but come face to face with the Djinn; after they are dealt with Lazarevic picks up the Janus Idol and says that now with it in their possession, Drake will come to them.

The level contains idol head placement tasks as well as kickback bosses on Crushing difficulty.

Hints and Tips for Crushing[]

  1. When the mission starts look to your left there is an area that is under the wall/platform get there and take out all enemies when the boss shows up move the end of this area (opposite of where you started the mission)
  2. Propanes and grenades work just as well as RPG-7 rocket launchers rockets against the armored trucks.

Unique Medals[]

  • Open Sesame - Destroy the gate with an RPG in the Co-op Adventure- Fort level (Worth $250)
  • Key Master - Place an idol to open the doors in the Co-op Adventure- Fort level (Worth $250)
  • Detonator - Destroy a truck in the Co-op Adventure- Fort level (Worth $250)


  • The water cistern area is also known as the Blue Room or the Flooded Room
  • The first Medal kickback boss has Carpet Bomb on Easy and Normal and on Hard or Crushing he has Mega Bomb
  • At the tower part where you must get the two Idols if you look out over the body of water you can see the Customs house
  • In the mission, you fight custom villains or "pirates" as they are sometimes called. Eddy Raja makes a remark while using a microphone (Similar to the one Nate uses in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune) he calls them "Shitty Pirates" and says that attacking the trio is suicide. It is right before the part where the two trucks enter and start firing at the three.