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Ramón Valdez is a character that features in Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth. He is a South American drug lord operating out of Ecuador.

Events in The Fourth Labyrinth[]

Nathan Drake was hired by Valdez to find a precious item, The staff of Ayr Manco. After finding the staff, Valdez decides to kill Nate rather than pay him. Nate barely escapes alive.

Three years later, Nathan is tasked by the Cuiqawa tribe to retrieve the staff from Ramón Valdez as it is rightfully theirs by inheritance. Drake infiltrates Ramón’s compound and retrieves the staff from its display case. Wrapping burlap around the item and then using duct tap to attach it to a Jeep, he flees the compound with Alex Munoz. Valdez's thugs pursue them as they escape through the jungle. Eventually, the run out of terrain to drive on, and they are captured. However, the are rescued by a Cuiqawa tribe ambush, which dispatches Valdez's men.