Ranked Team Deathmatch is special version of Team Deathmatch featuring in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End multiplayer.


Ranked Team Deathmatch is the mode for competitive players to battle it out in a race to the top of the leaderboards.
— Naughty Dog's official description
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To access Ranked Team deathmatch gamemode you must have played a minimum of five matches. Before you start Ranked Team deathmatch you must played five placement matches. After you have finish your  placement matches, the game will decide what rank you will start in. The better you do in the placement matches the higher your starting rank will be.Ranks range from Apprentice to Master.

(Note: This information is now outdated. Since the patch 1.20 update, the qualifier system has been revamped)

Afterwards every time you play a ranked match you can gain points to rank up. You will be awarded points if you win a match; however you lose points if you lose a match. Once you acquire the number points required to level up into a new rank you will be enter into the qualifiers. In the qualifiers you play a number of matches. If you win most of these matches then you ranked up , if not you stay in the previous rank you was in. [1][2][3]

(End of outdated information)

Qualifier System

Since patch 1.20 the qualifiers has been revamped. Qualifiers are now based on points earned rather than how many matches won. Naughty dog has said that the reason for this changed, is because its: ''allows your personal performance to impact your advancement to a much larger degree'' [4]. For Example: To pass from Gold I to Platinum III, for example, you need to earn at least 35 points over the course of 5 matches, instead of just winning at least 3 out of five matches.

Also now if you fail a qualifier series with negative points, you will be penalise by that many points.

Rank Win Points Loss Points Points to Qualifiers
10 -8 50
Bronze III
10 -12 100
Silver III
10 -14 100
Gold III
10 -16 100
Platinum III
10 -18 100
Diamond III
10 -20 100

Also you can bonus points depending on how well you are playing in your matches.

Grade Description Bonus Point for a Win Bonus Point for a loss
Ranked C
You are performing below what is expected for your Rank None None
Ranked B
You are performing at par with your Rank 10 -4
Ranked A
You are performing well relative to your Rank 20 -8
Ranked S
You are performing well above expected for your Rank 30 -12


If a player reach Gold III, Platinum III, Diamond III or Master Rank they will unlock exclusive vanity rewards. The rewards get unlocked the moment you hit that Rank.Also at the end of a season, you will also get a variety of rewards based on what ranked you ended up. [5]

Season One Rewards

Gold - Golden Trucker cap

Gold Rank Hat

Platinum - Platinum Trucker cap

Platinum Ranked Hat

Diamond - Diamond Trucker cap

Diamond Ranked Hat

Master - Master Trucker cap

Master Ranked HaT

Gold III or higher - The Ranked Dab taunt move

Ranked Dab

Season Two Rewards

Gold - Gold Bandanna

Gold Bandana

Platinum - Platinum Bandanna

Platinum Bandana

Diamond - Diamond Bandanna

Diamond Bandana

Master - Master Bandanna

Master Bandana

Season Three Rewards

Gold - Gold Aviators

Gold Aviator

Platinum - Platinum Aviators

Platinum Aviator

Diamond - Diamond Aviators

Daimond Aviator

Master - Master Aviators

Master Aviator