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Remnants is a multiplayer map in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. It is one of the eight maps available on release.


Carved into a cliff face overlooking crashing waves, Remnants is a death trap of old secrets. Swing through the tiered ruins and cliffs of rain-battered mountains. Never stay still for long, as this ancient den has many flanking opportunities through rope grapples, caverns, and hidden walkways that always allow for a grim surprise. This map favors players who keep mobile and are not afraid to weave through slippery cliffs with their grapple ropes.
— PlayStation's official description

Map layout

Remnants is a medium sized map. It is a rain-soaked beach with an abandoned pirate cave that features more rope swings than any other map.


  • The center walkway is a powerful defensive position if players have backup.
  • The slide in the middle of the cavern can be used in a pinch to escape and maneuver around enemies.
  • The long sightlines in this map are ideal for sniping, but there are plenty of flanking opportunities that can take players by surprise — stay ahead of it and keep moving.




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