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Father Ryan Duffy is a minor character who appears in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. He is a priest at the Saint Francis' Boy's Home where Nathan Drake was orphaned following his mother's suicide.


By the 1980s, Duffy was a priest on the administration at the Saint Francis' Boy's Home, the orphanage where the young Nathan and Samuel Morgan grew up after their mother's death. He was considered by the two brothers to be the only decent staff member of the orphanage.

One day at the orphanage, Duffy caught a glimpse of a young boy named Edward who took one of Nathan's books and started teasing him with it. Nathan soon tackled Edward, and Duffy quickly ran over to break up the fight, although, the two already managed to "pummel" each other.

Following this event, Duffy wrote a Behavioral Report Form about Nathan and the incident and suspended him from going on a retreat with the rest of the orphanage.

Later that night, Duffy and one of the nuns, Catherine, where having a discussion about Nathan. Sister Catherine suggested to possibly expel Nathan from the orphanage for his constant mischievous behavior, but Duffy seemed to discourage that idea, stating how it is their job to help boys like him. He told her that he will speak to Nathan in the morning, and both wished each other a good night.

He later returned as Catherine was smoking, causing her to stop as he revealed he left his keys at home again and asked her to help him, unaware that Nathan was nearby and that he would never see him again.



From the short appearance he had, Duffy seemed to be a kind and soft-spoken man. He appeared to have had deep care for Nate and was not willing to give up on him, to the point Catherine implied he neglected the other kids of the orphanage.


In the 1980s, Duffy appeared to be a dark-skinned man wearing black clothes and glasses. He had a black, receding hair.