Sanctuary is a revamped version of The Sanctuary from Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. It comes with the Flashback Map Pack DLC.

Map Description

The map's layout is similar to its Uncharted 2 counterpart, but is set at night time, the snow has now been replaced by moss and vegetation and in the night sky the aurora borealis (northern lights) can be seen. Ziplines linking the uppermost part of each spawn and a corresponding rooftop have been added. In addition, the very middle of the center platform is now gone, and horizontal wood planks can be used to climb to either side of the platform.

Co-op Arena

If you play a co-op arena match on this map, you can find a FAL-SS across where you spawn and the KAL-7 near the Hero spawn location. The map also contains a raffica to pick up, the only regular long gun weapons that don't spawn as a regular pick up is the Dragon Sniper and the Tau-Sniper. In Siege, areas are much larger and in better spots on the map.

Weapon Locations

  • M32-Hammer - On a small area on the far side of the underground level.
  • Pistole - Inside a large house on the opposite side of the map.
  • T-Bolt Sniper - On the far side of the central platform.
  • PAK-80 - Inside a tall tower directly above the M32-Hammer spawn.
  • SAS-12 - Located in the underground level near to the bird-like statue.
  • Riot Shield (x2) - Laying behind either side of the rectangular center structure underneath the platform.




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