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Scotland is a multiplayer map in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. It is one of eight original maps available on release. It is based off the Scottish cathedral where Nathan and Samuel Drake went searching for Henry Avery's grave.


"Battle through the snow covered ruins of an old cathedral in Scotland. Use slides and mining tunnels to cut through the three major lanes of this circular map. Head to the cliff-side area for frantic rope combat and long range sniping battles between opposing perches. The ruins and graveyard at the edge of the woods provide more grounded, cover based play."
— PlayStation's official description[1]

Map layout

Spawn points


Rope swings


  • The dig site in the middle of the map gives players access to all of the major areas of Scotland.
  • Move through the cover of the cathedral to flank enemies in the ruins or crypt area of the map.
  • Use the zip lines for a quick retreat into the two story crypt building from either the cliffs or cathedral.


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