The Sete Cidades Prayer can be heard in the soundtrack to Uncharted: Golden Abyss. On the soundtrack, it is chanted in Latin, but it was originally written in English by John Garvin and then translated into Latin for the soundtrack. The lyrics can be found at the very end of the credits sequence in Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

English LyricsEdit

Seven Fathers, we cry for thee

Mourning our loss at the gate to Heaven.

Seven Fathers, we search for thee

Striving to reach perfection.

Seven perfect rays of light,

Reach forth into the darkness.

Seven perfect cities,

Glitter in the night.

Seven Fathers, we search for thee,

Seven Cities, we search for thee.

Latin LyricsEdit

Vos maeremus, patres septem.

Cladem ad portam caelestem

Lugemus nobis nocentem.

Patres septem, vos scrutamur.

Vitae ad summam nitamur.

Radii septem lucis tendunt--

Perfecti in tenebras splendunt.

Civitates tam perfectae

Nocte septem sunt splendidae.

vos quaerimus, septem patres.

vos petimus, septem urbes.