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A example of someone using the Shield of Asgard.

The Shield of Asgard is a DLC mystical available in A Thief's End multiplayer.

Overview Edit

A Thief's End multiplayer Edit

The Shield of Asgard is a mystical in Uncharted 4 multiplayer. It is the new mystical that came with Patch 1.13 (AKA: The Bounty Hunters DLC).

With the Shield of Asgard activated (via L1 + R1 after being purchased from the in-game store), your health is increased by 75%, but you move 50% slower.

You can only purchase this mystical (to use in-game) either through a DLC gameplay chest (costing 2500 Relics) or for 600 Uncharted points.

Modifications Description Loadout Cost Starting

In-game Cost

None (Default) The Standard Mystical 5 LP $800
Electric Punch Down an opponent in two melee hits 6 LP $850
Active While Down Shield of Asgard remains active when downed 6 LP &850
Increased Duration Shield of Asgard duration is increased by 25% 6 LP $900
Faster Movement Shield of Asgard movement speed is increased by 30% 7 LP $925

Tips Edit

  • The shield of Asgard is a mystical to have if you are surrounded by enemies as you can use the mystical and KO/down before they KO/down you.
    • It can also be helpful when you need to defend or capture a command point.
  • Avoid using it while you are already taking high amounts of damage, as you will likely end up KO'd before the mystical has been activated.
  • It is also useful for making getaways via environmental forms of traversal, such as rope swings.
  • The main downside to this mystical is its slow movement speed.
    • Because of this, it is best to avoid areas where you are prone to either being KO'd by a rope user, or pulled down a ledge, as these types of players will be almost impossible to outmaneuver.
    • This also leaves you more prone to blindfire from behind cover, a tactic that is considerably harder to evade with this mystical.
      • Lethal types of gear, such as mines, grenades, or C4s, are efficient ways to counter this and flush the enemy out.
  • Clip Capacity is a good weapon mod to use with this mystical, as you will end up having to worry less about reloading in the middle of a gunfight against multiple opponents.

Trivia Edit

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