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Private military company




Unknown (presumably South African)

Key members:

Nadine Ross's father (Founder) †
Nadine Ross (Leader, formerly)
Orca (Lieutenant, formerly; leader) †
Knot (Lieutenant) †


Rafe Adler (Partner, formerly) †
Asav (Partner, formerly) †

Series information

Appears in:

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Voiced by:

Laura Bailey (Nadine Ross)
Gideon Emery (Orca)
JB Blanc (Knot)
Orion Acaba
Ron Bottitta
Raphael Corkhill
Cokey Falkow
Michael Gough
Jason Kennet
Yuri Lowenthal
Ade M'Cormack
Stelio Savante

Shoreline was a private military company that appeared in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. It was previously led by Nadine Ross, who had inherited leadership from her father, the founder.


Background Edit

An "army for hire" of sorts, they took on various security and military contracts around the world, and were willing to take money from anyone. Victor Sullivan had fought Shoreline in the past, though Nadine apparently doesn't hold a grudge when they meet again in the auction house. With Nadine as acting leader, Shoreline never participated in arms deals. Before leaving, Nadine was Shoreline's only female soldier.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (2016) Edit

Rafe Adler hires Shoreline to help him find Libertalia and Captain Henry Avery's missing treasure. Nathan Drake, along with his brother Sam, are also looking for the treasure. They encounter Shoreline mercenaries multiple times during their search, from Scotland to Madagascar.

Eventually, Nate, Sam, and Rafe learn of Libertalia's location; on an island off the coast of Madagascar. Rafe travels there with Nadine and the rest of Shoreline shortly after Nate and Sam.

Both parties eventually discover the remains of Avery's ship, but due to a number of traps and the fact that most of her men have already been killed by Nate and Sam, Nadine refuses to help Rafe loot the ship, instead wanting to leave the island. She's ultimately forced to help when Rafe reveals he's already bought the mercenaries ahead of time and they turn on her. They board the ship and set off more traps, resulting in more Shoreline casualties (including Knot). Nadine chooses to abandon Rafe and flee the island alone.

Shoreline is then taken over by Nadine's lieutenant Orca.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (2017) Edit

Hell's bells. You're gonna miss the fireworks, man.
— Orca, gesturing to the bomb
It's revealed in chapter 8 that Asav has hired the remaining Shoreline soldiers to help him acomplish his goals. Under Orca's management, the company has resorted to selling weapons to Asav's insurgents to stay afloat, a move that Nadine looks down on.

After his helicopter is brought down, he climbs out and is bewildered to see Nadine and Sam working together. He reluctantly gives the Tusk of Ganesh to Nadine, using it as a distraction to attempt to shoot her. Luckily, Sam tackles her to the ground and she manages to plant a bullet square in Orca's head. After, Chloe finds out that Orca has sold a bomb to Asav, who plans to detonate it in a densely populated area and start a civil war.

Chloe, Nadine and Sam end up killing most, if not all, of the remaining soldiers during the final two chapters.

Archetypes Edit


Grunts usually wear beige jackets or shirts and brown pants, and usually only carry sidearms, but they may wield long guns later in the game. They are the weakest of all archetypes.

Standard Soldiers

The standard soldiers usually wear a gray flak vest and a red cap. They are more equipped than the grunts, as they carry various rifles as well as sidearms. They are the most common archetype the player faces in the game. Another type of them is found only in chapter 8 and 9 who wear winter clothing and beanies.

Helmeted Soldiers

Helmeted soldiers are the same as standard soldiers, but they are equipped with an armoured helmet. This means that they cannot be instantly downed by a headshot.


Snipers usually wear green/brown camouflage, a metallic face mask and a sun cap. They only carry sniper rifles, which are easily identified by their glowing red laser sight.


Shotgunners are soldiers that charge towards the player with either a Spezzotti or a Condor. They are easily identified by their all-grey outfit and red balaclava.


Grenadiers usually wear an all-grey outfit, similar to the shotgunners, but with a bandolier, and a bandana instead of a balaclava. They always carry a China Lake GL.

In Survival, they may carry RPGs or Condors in addition to China Lakes.

RPG Soldiers

RPG soldiers usually wear a grey or tan outfit with a flak vest. They are the only archetype that carry an RPG, which can severely injure or kill the player, depending on difficulty. They are easily identified by their metallic face mask.

Heavily Armored Soldiers ("Heavies")

Heavies are soldiers which wear heavy armor. They usually have the same loadout as a sniper, grenadier, or shotgunner, but they can also use the ARX-160. They cannot be stealth-killed until their helmet has been knocked off, but can still be pulled down from a ledge.

An Aerial Takedown will kill a hHeavy soldier with or without his helmet on, if the player is in stealth. If the soldier is aware of the player's presence, it will only knock off his helmet.

Heavies in Survival have a wide range of loadouts, carrying anything from pistols to standard assault rifles. Luckily, they can't use DShKs.


Brutes are the most powerful archetype in Uncharted 4 and The Lost Legacy. They are easily identified by their grey or green metal/ceramic armor and their height. They are significantly taller and more muscled than any other characters in the game, and bear a resemblance to the Heavy Weapons Troops from Lazarević's army (Among Thieves) and to the Brute on Rameses' cruise ship (Drake's Deception). Brutes carry a DShK. They cannot be melee attacked whatsoever, and any attempts to melee them will result in the player being brutally kicked away, even if the helmet has been removed.

You can remove their helmet with an Aerial Takedown. This can be performed by sneak attack in Chapter 13 (only on Crushing), or Chapter 18 (If you manage to lose the enemies' line of sight) in Uncharted 4, and in Chapter 7 in The Lost Legacy. Be aware, however, that unless the helmet has already been shot off, two takedowns have to be initiated in order to kill a Brute at full health.

There is a "glitch" that can occur if the player is hiding behind low cover and melee attacks from there. Nate or Chloe will kick the Brute, temporarily subduing him for 2 to 3 seconds.

Hunters are a special type of enemy that appear only on Crushing difficulty or higher in Uncharted 4, and on Hard difficulty or higher in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. They can be identified by either sight or sound: their approach towards the player is marked by heavy breathing and grunting. Their outfit consists of a gas mask and slightly heavier armor than most common enemies. They do not have grenades, nor do they wear a helmet. They carry disposable plastic handcuffs on their hip, which are never used.

Although Hunters are equipped with a pistol, it is only used at range. Their main method of attack is running up to the player and grabbing them, prompting a QTE to dislodge them. Failing to do so in under 4 seconds (or shorter on higher difficulties) will result in death. It's best to make Hunters a priority in combat, primarily because of their close-quarters tactics, but also because they take far more bullets to kill than other types.

Should the player be grabbed, they can either free themselves or receive help from their NPC partner. Unless using a Buddy Takedown, melee attacking the Hunter while he is not stunned will only result in the player being grabbed again.

Encounters with Hunters never happen when the player is alone. There are also armoured Hunters in Survival, with the same armour as standard armoured soldiers.

Multiplayer Edit

The two top lieutenants of Shoreline appear in the beta, and in the release for Uncharted 4 multiplayer.

  • Knot
  • Orca (later appears in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy)

Many Sidekick skins (for both heroes and villains) contain the Shoreline logo.

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Models Edit


  • Their name and logo may be inspired by the British PMC Sandline.