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Trophy: YOLO Fortunately
Beat the last chapter without dying on Normal difficulty or harder. Bronze

Showdown is the twenty-second and final chapter of Drake's Fortune. Nate fought against Navarro on a large freighter to rescue Elena and stop him from escaping with the El Dorado statue.

Completing the chapter without dying on Normal difficulty or harder in Drake's Fortune Remastered will unlock the bronze trophy YOLO Fortunately.


Showdown gameplay 2

Nate against Navarro and his mercenaries.

Nate, armed with a SAS - 12 shotgun, fought wave after wave of Navarro's mercenaries, with Navarro himself involved, attempting to snipe Nate if given the chance. After a series of shootouts, Nate chased Navarro up to the platform where the helicopter crashed. Upon reaching the top, he spotted Elena lying unconscious inside the helicopter, which was lying precariously on the edge of the ship. As Nate attempted to flank Navarro, the latter fired at a set of explosive barrels that stood in front of Nate. The explosion knocked Nate back, causing his weapon to fall out of his grasp and off the ship.

The unarmed Nate now had to protect himself from Navarro's laser sight by taking cover behind several sets of wooden crates. Nate then approached Navarro and delivered a series of punches that knocked the latter's weapon out of his hands. Navarro knocked down and rushed over to grab his gun, but not quickly enough to finish Nate, as Nate quickly approached him to deliver the last few punches that knocked Navarro unconscious.

The EndEdit

The End 1

Nate standing over the defeated Navarro.

Nate took the opportunity to rush over to the helicopter to help Elena out. Elena woke up and warned Nate that Navarro was back up and ready to finish him off. Nate acted quickly and pushed the helicopter down into the water. The rope that connected the helicopter to the statue happened to wrap itself around Navarro's leg, causing him and the statue to plummet into the waters with the helicopter.

Nate and Elena then reflect on their experience. Nate, however, was ashamed of the fact that they were empty-handed, shortly before Elena gave him back the ring he left back beside Sir Francis Drake's corpse, as she figured Nate would miss it. As the two leaned in for a kiss, they were interrupted by Sully, who was on a smaller boat and surprised the two with all of the treasure he stole from a bunch of dead pirates. As the three sailed away from the island, Elena reminded Nate that because she lost her camera, he still owed her a story. Nate, however, assured her that he was "good for it".


First phaseEdit

Showdown gameplay 3

First shootout.

You are still armed with the SAS - 12 shotgun from the previous chapter. The first shootout is Nate versus Navarro and three mercenaries. Navarro also has a SAS - 12, but with a laser sight, plus it is set to semi-auto, meaning he can fire rapidly in a row. He will always shoot randomly in your general direction three times and then take aim directly, shooting you dead on if you are not in cover. The other mercenaries all carry M4 assault rifles. Use the wooden boxes and the shipping containers on the right and left for cover, beware of the former as they can break if they take enough fire. A reload for the SAS is propped up on one of the boxes right in front of you.

The recommended cover then is the shipping containers, especially the right one. Navarro will flee if either his fellow soldiers have been slain, or if his cover is destroyed. Know that ammo is limited on the higher difficulties, so taking out the mercenaries is recommended as you will have to do so either way. You must also be careful in timing your shots to avoid his shotgun. Once the soldiers are down and Navarro has fled (you cannot shoot him while he is fleeing) you can switch your SAS - 12 for their M4 rifles, stocking up on full ammo for the next fight.

Second phaseEdit

Showdown gameplay 4

Second shootout.

When you are ready, jump over the box at the end and quickly take cover. There is no cover here besides the boxes, which means you are on the clock. Another three mercenaries will accompany Navarro, and he will be reinforced with another group of three once two have been killed. There will be several M4s lying against the crates here, but due to the enemy numbers, you cannot use your bullets too liberally lest you run out of ammo.

Third phaseEdit

Showdown gameplay 5

Third shootout.

Again, acquire any ammo lying around and head to the next area. Be aware of the falling crates and hit Circle when prompted, taking cover right after as you will be immediately fired upon. Notice that Navarro's boxes are now unbreakable. You must again eliminate the mercenaries, two this time, followed shortly by a third that will come down the staircase. After these a fourth shows up standing on the platform itself, wielding the M79 grenade launcher. Once he is taken out, Navarro will flee up the staircase to the helicopter platform.

Final phaseEdit

Showdown gameplay 6

Nate attempting to flank Navarro.

This time, you will be without a weapon. Duck into cover as soon as you can, as this section requires a precise set of actions. Wait for Navarro to lower his gun, and then quickly duck to the next set of boxes, and Navarro will destroy the set you were just behind. If you fail to move fast enough after the second shot, you will instantly be shot down. Wait for him to shoot twice again, jump to the next set, wait for him to shoot twice again, then rush up and punch him before he can do a follow-up shot. Quickly follow the quick-time event prompts that appear. When successful, Navarro drops his gun, and he will knock you down. Quickly get back up and run over to him to punch him again, then follow the prompts one last time to defeat him.

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