Situational Awareness
Situational Awareness


When standing still, press the up button to see nearby enemies through walls.



Required level


Booster slot


Booster class

Enhanced Player Ability

Situational Awareness (commonly abbreviated to SA) is a controversial booster available in the multiplayer of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. It belongs to the enhanced ability (purple) booster class.


Effects Edit

The booster allows the player to see any nearby players on the opposite team through walls or other obstructions by pressing up on the d-pad while standing still. The booster has a relatively large area of effect and is effective while that player is standing still, while in cover or while hanging on a ledge. The effects of the booster can be countered with the Evasion booster, giving users immunity to Situational Awareness.

Purchase Edit

The booster is available for purchase when the player reaches level 46, and costs $129,000 in the multiplayer store.

Controversy Edit

The booster has been met with strong criticism from a large number of players who feel it gives far too much of an advantage to the player using it. Also criticized is the fact that Evasion is not available for purchase until the player reaches level 50, whereas Situational Awareness is available at the lower level of 46.

Some players believe that the booster should not have been added to the game, feeling that it represents a broken game dynamic. Conversely, it is argued that because Naughty Dog have kept the booster in the game, and because Evasion is available as a counter, the booster is acceptable.