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Artwork of the State Rossi's thugs

State Rossi's thugs is a minor faction featured in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.


They are first seen by Nathan and Sam when they try to steal the Saint Dimas cross from the auction. But when they discover that the cross has been the guards are looking for the thieves. But Nate, Sam and Sully manage to flee the auction and return to the hotel to investigate more about the treasure.


They are grumpy and vulgar types, they stress easily and protest too much. They are dressed in black and tie, and they are quite. They are Italian speakers so for those who do not know Italian or Latin languages ​​you do not know what they do not even include subtitles while they are talking in the game mode, they are almost always armed with semi-automatic shotguns or pistols, they are practically the worst armed enemies of the game.