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Stowaway is the seventeenth chapter of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.


The chapter begins with Nathan Drake inside a cargo plane hold. Nate crawls through the ventilation shafts of the plane, but is detected by a large brute. Nate and the attacker proceed to have a fistfight on the open ramp of the plane, which ultimately ends with the enemy being thrown off the ramp by released cargo. The loose cargo takes Nate with it but he is able to grab onto the net of a hanging truck. Nate climbs up the netting to make his way back inside the plane. Once he does, a shoot out ensues between him and Marlowe's agents. The plane's engines begin to catch fire, due to excess strain put on them and the rest of the plane from the ramp door being open. Eventually, an explosion on the plane creates a huge hole in the side of the plane, sucking out the agents. As Nate tries to resist, the hole grows bigger and he too is sucked out into the air. Luckily, he grabs onto a crate in mid-air and pulls the chute to descend safely down to the Rub' al Khali desert below.


I. Crawl through the maintenance shaft until a burly assailant accosts Nate. As with all Brute-style opponents, employ counterattacks and set up combo opportunities. When the enemy falls, run back up the ramp and tap triangle rapidly to pull the parachute release cord on the left-hand side of the cargo crates. In the mayhem that ensues, dodge the tumbling containers until Nate is swept from the back of the plane.

II. Climb the cargo net rapidly and, when an unfortunate adversary lands just ahead of Nate, press square to hurl him to his doom and steal his pistol. Climb further up and jump inside as quickly as possible before the hatch closes.

III. Once inside the cargo plane, immediately get rid of the first two assailants. Grab ammunition or a replacement handgun, then prepare yourself for a short but intense fight. As with the battle on the cruise ship earlier, the pitching and rocking of the plane will cause crates and cargo to move from side to side. Keep Nate in the back of the plane and close to a crate - taking care to avoid getting crushed - and attempt to take down enemies with concerted but controlled fire. An explosion will put a hole in the plane, taking out some enemies close to it; take out any remaining enemies on Drake's left then focus on dodging cargo and moving away from the opening. When Nate is thrown into freefall, guide him toward the plummeting crate, then tap triangle rapidly to open its attached chute.