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Sunken Ruins is a multiplayer map in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. It was released with Patch 1.08 (AKA: The Lost Treasures DLC). It is based on the port town seen in Libertalia.


A small, fast-paced map with tight fronts and hidden water flank routes.
— Official PlayStation description.

Map layout

Spawn points

  • The Heroes spawn to left side of the map on the open path between the destroyed red house and the open garden area.
  • The Villains spawn to the right side of the map inside the courtyard where the two breakable door are.



Sunken ruins screenshot


UNCHARTED 4 - Lost Treasures Multiplayer DLC Trailer - PS4

UNCHARTED 4 - Lost Treasures Multiplayer DLC Trailer - PS4


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