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A tank is a heavy armored vehicle employeed by all militaries in the world. It is used also by Zoran Lazarevic and his mercenaries.

Among Thieves[]


The tank is a battle tank employed by Zoran Lazarevic's army in their search for Shambhala. It strongly resembles the Soviet T-62 tank. The vehicle possesses near-impenetrable, dark-green armor.

It first appears in They're Coming With Us, near the end of the chapter where it is seen with some of Lazarevic's soldiers. It is also seen in Locomotion, where it is one of the vehicles being transported by Lazarevic's train. Another tank is seen partaking in the raid of Tenzin's village in Cat and Mouse. Here, the tank will relentlessly pursue Nate and Tenzin across the village.

Combat Strategy[]

There is only one way to destroy the tank which would be to shoot at it with an RPG-7. The tank attacks Drake and his allies in three ways:

  1. Running you over (instant death)
  2. Machine gun fire
  3. Cannon shells (instant death if outside cover, minor damage and/or stun if behind cover).

At the start of the level, the tank is seen entering the village, at which point it'll begin opening fire on Nate and his allies. During the escape through the village, the tank will pursue Nate and Tenzin, ramming through several buildings on the way and almost driving straight over a cliff in an attempt to knock Nate off.

At the end of the level, you will have to take out a few Sarks to get the RPG-7s required to destroy the tank. Once you have the rocket launcher, fire at the tank several times until it explodes. The tank will visibly deteriorate as it takes damage, with its armor becoming charred and flames breaking out.


The tank makes two minor appearances in Multiplayer:

  • A wrecked tank appears in the map The Train Wreck.
  • A tank will occasionally pass through the eastern path of The Village, shooting any players it comes across. However, it only uses its machine gun, and only attacks once.

The Lost Legacy[]

Multiple tanks can be seen in the prologue, used by the Indian Army. They are probably standing in for the T-62 Ajeya which was used by the Indian Army in real life.