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Team Objective is a playlist and gametype that appears in the multiplayer mode of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.


Team Objective, other than Plunder, is the only objective competitive playlist that appears in Uncharted 3. It is a classic 5v5 objectives match with a difference. While first thought to be randomised, this is not true. The match will always start with Chain Reaction or King of the Hill.


The gamemodes that appear in Team Objective are listed below.

  • Multi Marked Man - Kill the enemy marked man while defending your own; the first team to kill the opposing team's marked man five times wins.
  • Turf War - Capture multiple hills to earn points; the first team to earn three hundred points wins.
  • King of the Hill - Capture and hold the hill to earn points; the first team to earn two hundred points wins.
  • Chain Reaction - Capture the hills in order; the team with the most hills at the end of five minutes wins.
  • Treasure Hunter- Hold the treasure to earn points; the first team to earn one hundred and fifty points wins.