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The Château after being set alight

The Château is a location in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.


The chateau was located in a forest in eastern France. It was built around the 11th century, with the Renaissance architecture being added later. It is home to many odd trinkets, such as a popcorn machine and a 1927 Auburn motorcar. By the time Nate and Sully arrive, the only original part of the chateau left is the square keep in the gardens.

The chateau was owned by a Crusader named Lord Godfrey, who retired to the chateau after the 12th century Crusade. 1000 years ago, the Crusaders were among the first people looking for Iram. His tomb was located underneath the chateau, with it containing the half of an amulet he brought from Arabia. The tower which concealed his tomb was outfitted with Sabean script; it also housed John Dee's lab.

Nate and Sully arrived at the chateau searching for clues to Iram. After discovering the tower and Dee's lab, they discover the underground tomb. While it did contain a piece of the amulet, it was also infested with spiders. Talbot located them and ordered Harris to collect the amulet. As he returned to Talbot, however, the spiders emerged and ate him alive. Talbot left Nate and Sully to their doom and forced them to find an alternate way out. After escaping the spiders, they spotted Talbot's men setting the building on fire. By the time the two heroes escaped whilst fighting his men, the chateau burned to the ground.